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Rental Maintenance


The focus of our rental program is to make the rental experience as seamless as possible. To make renting the most pleasurable for each and every one of our music students, it is imperative that our instruments be maintained and serviced regularly. We encourage our renters to bring their rental in for routine check ups, especially if they notice something out of the ordinary. This can help avoid issues down the road which could save you time and money.


More tips on how to care for your rental are listed down below along with a printable PDF. Be proactive and help us keep our instruments conditioned for future aspiring musicians.


It is mandatory to choose a protection plan that will cover the rental instrument should something unexpected happen.Our protection plans are set up to convenience our rental customers and their specific situation. Below is a chart explaining the options for each instrument. 

As shown above, there are a few differences between our Standard and Premium Protection Plans. Most notably, the differences in coverage for damage and instrument replacement deductibles.

 - The term “NATURALLY OCCURRINGincorporates items or parts (excluding strings) of the instrument being affected by climate change or normal wear and tear. I.E., Seams opening alongside the instrument due to climate change NOT due to impact or other cracks, bridge that is starting to show signs of warping or leaning one way or another NOT bridge that has been snapped due to negligence or impact, etc.


 - The term “ACCIDENTAL” incorporates items or parts (excluding strings) of the instrument that have been dropped, stepped on, inappropriately handled or stored. I.E., Fingerboard that has been removed forcefully, crack(s) in the instrument, bridge that is snapped or chipped, etc.


 - Should your rental instrument be lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, your rental deductible has you covered. Instead of the retail value of the instrument, our protection plans cover you for a fraction of the cost. In the event your rental is stolen or lost, all we ask is that you bring in an official document from the authorities or insurance agency with a report of the occurrence.


 - In the event that the instrument be damaged beyond repair, be sure to bring in all broken items to SSMC and we will determine the severity and charge only the deductible should it be deemed damaged beyond repair. Standard plans will be charged the lesser of the two; either the deductible or the 50% repair charge. 

REMINDER: Lost or missing items will NOT be covered by any protection plan. Also, be sure to bring the rental ONLY to SSMC for any issues or repairs.  Renter will be liable for retail price of instrument should repairs be done elsewhere.