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With a lot of time and thought, choosing only the finest instruments to best represent SSMC, we bring you our Heritage Collection. The antiquing and individuality put into each instrument  is visually pleasing, as well as tonally enjoyable to everyone. After the great response of our sample showing in Summer 2017, can you find these instruments regularly in stock starting January 2018.

Cassia Model

Great for beginners, and students new to learning the violin. Fully hand carved with seasoned spruce top and flamed curly maple back. Professional quality hand-applied oil varnish. 


Modesto  Model

Great for students who are familiar with the violin and looking for an advancing instrument. Fully hand carved with seasoned spruce top and flamed curly maple back. Parisian-eye pegs and end-button. Professional quality hand applied oil varnish.


Poinciana Model

An instrument pleasing to the eye as well as the ear! This intermediate level violin is hand crafted with hand-carved boxwood fitting featuring a decorative cherub tailpiece, and matching pegs. Details on the pegs and tailpiece pay homage to J.B. Vuillaume, who first crafted detailed fittings for instruments made by the Italian masters.


Hawthorne  Model

The Hawthorne Model is a violin hand crafted with carefully selected tonewoods and detailed construction. This intermediate level instrument provides musicians with a rich and sonorous musical voice. Each Hawthorne is adjusted to ensure the standard quality of tonal clarity and sound projection.


Lindheimer  Model


A perfect fit for the intermediate and advancing musician. Professionally hand-applied spirit varnish accentuates the well-defined flame of its Russian spruce top and striking one-piece maple back. The handsome aesthetics of the Lindheimer are matched by its robust, consistent and clear sound. 

Berlandier  Model

A strikingly beautiful instrument! The Berlandier has a unique style only found when using the burled maple from a tree when growth abnormalities appear. The unique burled maple wood not only gives the one-piece back a unique look, but help to create a beautifully unique sound fitting for almost any musician. 


Darlington  Model

This Darlington model is what you will crave when looking for the perfect pairing of aesthetic beauty as well as aural brightness and clarity. Perfectly beautiful violin is well suited for any advancing musician looking to make a visual statement as well as musically.


Great Laurel   Model

The Great Laurel brings precision and exacting craftsmanship of the classics to a modern instrument. The expert antiquing in the skillfully applied oil varnish provides an aesthetically pleasing match to superior sound quality. The clarity and ease of play-ability will be appreciated by any advanced musician looking for their perfect match. 


Heritage Collection