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When renting an instrument most shops will include a maintenance program to protect the instrument in the event something happen.


Well shouldn't there be a similar program once it is your OWN instrument??

Introducing our monthly plan to help keep your instrument in top shape, and sounding great!!

This program is designed to assist you with routine maintenance, and make sure you are keeping your instrument at it's top value!

Available for

Violin, Viola & Cello

Services Included:

- Instrument Tuning

- Instrument Case Vacuum

- String Installation (Retail $5.99)

- Finger Tape Placement (Retail $5.99)

- Peg Lubricant (Retail $8.00)

- Peg String Hole Redrills (Retail $12.00)

- Sound post reset (Retail $15)

- Open seams (Retail $30+)

Services Included:

Receive 10% OFF:

Receive 10% OFF:

Receive 15% OFF:

Receive 15% OFF:

- Strings for your instrument!

(Individual Strings or Sets)

- Instrument Care Products:

Polishes, Polish Cloths, Instrument/String Cleaners, & Humidifiers.

- Professional Bow Rehair

(Retail $65)

- Any Repairs Needed up to:

$300 (Violin/Viola)

$400 (Cello)

- Instrument Deep Cleaning

& Rejuvenation Polish Services

to keep your instrument

looking great!

Receive 50% OFF:


- Priority on all repairs services & expedited turn around time!

- Loaner Instrument & Bow while repairs are completed at SSMC

(Upon Availability)

-Recurring Monthly Memberships will receive exclusive rewards & specials!

Monthly Pricing Information

Monthly Pricing Information

$8.00 In-take & Admin Fee

 Violin - $15/mo.

Viola - $15/mo.

Cello - $20/mo. 

 Violin - $15/mo.

Viola - $15/mo.

Cello - $20/mo. 

Program Guidelines to Keep in Mind:


- All instruments must be inspected (Wellness Check) prior to being admitted into the Instrument Wellness Program.

- Wellness check consists of inspecting the instrument for any damage, potential repairs, as well as recording the instruments serial no. label, and updated pictures. You may use this information gathered at any time if needed in the event of loss or theft.

- After the initial consultation all monthly payments will be deducted on the first of every month until  SSMC has been instructed to stop payments, and removing instrument from the program.

- There is no contract, this plan in strictly month-to-month. However, if damage or accidents occur between lapsed payments, those repairs will not be covered under the Instrument Wellness Program.

- All prices are specific for each individual instrument. Multiple instruments under one program is NOT available at this time.

- To end program, and stop recurring payments simply send email to requesting to end your payments.

- There are no pro-rated dues/refunds upon opting out of the program. Payments may be refunded if Symphony Strings Music Co. has received notice to opt out no later than 48 hours from when payment was initially charged.