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What is a "Violin Shop"?

When you hear the term "music store" most people will think of a store containing many different types of instruments and a one-stop-shop to purchase products for marching band, orchestra, and guitars all at once.

We often hear at Symphony Strings Music Co. (SSMC), "Why don't you carry band supplies?", or "You should carry guitars!", and although we love the enthusiasm for music in general-there is ONE specific reason we do NOT want to be known as a music store.

If you've been in our store and asked this question, I'm sure you have heard us say,

"Music Stores know a little about a LOT of instruments; We know A LOT about just a few!"-SSMC

Specialty Shop

Expressing ourselves as a Violin Shop, means we are dedicated to only orchestral strings. Violin, Viola, & Cello are our specific specialty at the moment, and everyday we push ourselves to gain the same amount of knowledge for our Double Bass friends. 

Our daily goal is to provide and share continuous knowledge about why these instruments are so special, and how to keep these beautiful works of art in pristine condition for the future generations to follow.  

Because each individual instrument is hand crafted, there are never two instruments that will sound exactly the same, and that makes each one as unique as the musician that performs on it.

Darlington Violin from SSMC


Most string musicians may not even realize that every little detail throughout their instrument will create a difference in the sound their instrument makes. 

Adjustments can always be made to make your instrument sound brighter or darker. Not just by the brand of strings, but with EVERY piece including the sound post, tail piece, bridge, chin rest, and even pegs can all make the difference in the play-ability of your instrument and the projection in sound. 


This is where our job enters, as we would like to guide you into the correct direction. We are here to assist whether you are looking for an accessory to help you, determine what could be causing difficulty when trying to master a specific passage in your music, or for general inquiries regarding your instrument's maintenance & necessary repairs. 

Whether you are a parent of a musician, a beginner student, or advancing professional, we hope to provide useful knowledge into the wonderful world of stringed instruments. 

So stay tuned for future blogs filled with information, product reviews, tips & tricks and whatever else we think will assist you into becoming the soloist and musician you deserve to be! 

September 1,2018 Issue 1 of Music 'Notes' by SSMC

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