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Symphony Strings Summer camp 2019

Symphony Strings Summer camp 2019

We are now under two weeks away from our summer camp and we are so excited!

We hope you all are ready for new music, skills, finger excercises, scale drills, sight reading practice, music theory and much more fun! 



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We will update any important information as needed prior to the camp and during, so check back often!






For the first day of camp students should bring:

                                    - Instrument

                                    - Shoulder Rest (Violin/Violas)

                                    - Endpin Anchor (Cello/Bass)

                                    - Pencils (2 min.)

                                    - Folder or Binder (To keep new music and worksheets in)

                                    - Instrument Cleaning Cloth/ Polish Cloth

                                    - Folding stand** (Friday Class only)





Rules to Remember

           - Students may not leave prior to 12:00 pm, unless we are notified by the parent or guardian

           - Cell Phones:

                   * If Students need to bring a cell phone we ask they either turn the device off or place it

                      on silent to reduce interruptions during class.

                   * After a warning cell phones may be confiscated until the end of class. 

                     * PARENTS: Should you need to contact your child or leave a message, you may call or

                      text Joe or Jessica at (915) 238-0771 on the Symphony Strings Cell Phone.

           - Musicians will receive a 15 min break for snack. During this time, students may NOT leave

              the building or campus at any time. 

             - If students wish to provide their own snack they are welcome to, however please keep in

              mind we do NOT have access to a refrigerator, or microwave.

           - Please remind all students to take ALL belongings (including instruments) at the end of each

              day. There may be afternoon activities in the room and we cannot be responsible for items

              left in between classes.







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